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McBamb’s Wisdom

Veröffentlicht: Juni 13, 2012 von mcbamb in Uncategorized

Today I read about a note of the CEO of the CB-Foundation. He declared the “decade of preprovement”. By preprovement the CEO means a new way of dealing with issues that aren’t to be seen nowadays ‘cause they are still far behind the horizon. Preprovement anticipates these coming issues (mehr …)


McBamb’s Wisdom Professional

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We’ve heard the phrase „Don’t work harder than the client!“ before. It’s good, it’s very nice and it is Oh So True.
This inspired me and kept me thinking and deepened my understanding of this saying. Finally it made me come up with a brand new catch-phrase. Here it goes:

You can’t not develop!

Take Your time, think it over and see where it takes U… And be sure to check back soon for more of McBamb’s Wisdom, McBamb’s Widsom Professional and the very new category McBamb’s Wisdom Philosophical

Clothing Collection 2012!!!

Veröffentlicht: April 11, 2012 von Andreas Malangre in Bro´s Work Outfits, Uncategorized

Bros out there! Really gr8 news! The new clothing collection is about to come!
Designs are still being accepted (nice grammar, luke daddy!)!
First part of the new collection will be this piece of jewelry (watch below)! (mehr …)

Bros about to rock

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Last week the Bros rocked as hard as they possibly could, which wasn´t hard at all,
cause Mallefitz didn´t rock anything, Lorenzo cried the whole time and Crazy-Matt tried really hard without success.
At least one or two pics were made that made us look hard-rocking!
The very next day, nearly every Bro could send a really hard pitch. All of us guess that this happened because Mallefitz
was not around this time 🙂
(mehr …)

Awesome-Bros Website down

Veröffentlicht: April 11, 2012 von Andreas Malangre in Uncategorized

Hey guys, it´s a shame, but the Website of the Bros got hacked and used as a fishing-site which made it land on a blacklist. That means, it doesn´t work anymore, which is very sad. Only time (or T-Dog) will heal it, we all hope.
Because there´s still news about the Bros, we´ll share it here with you!