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Today I read about a note of the CEO of the CB-Foundation. He declared the “decade of preprovement”. By preprovement the CEO means a new way of dealing with issues that aren’t to be seen nowadays ‘cause they are still far behind the horizon. Preprovement anticipates these coming issues and deals with them before the arrive. This gives companies like the CB-Foundation the big benefit of being on the frontline of development (which we all know no one can escape) and therefore leads the way into a generation of greatly organised companies in a golden age of preprovement.

To come back to the issue of redefining. The CEO declared the decade of preprovement from 2013 to 2025. How did he do this? By the pure power of preprovement! Being foresighted as only a few people on this planet are, he preprovingly anticipated the duration of the process of establishing preprovement longer than 10 years. Because of the fundamental importance of the process he redefined a decade from 10 to 12 years. What a nice idea! I wish we had more ideas like this every day. I would make our lives so much easier.

So remember next time a problem comes along: redefining helps!
For example: Your car is broken and won’t take You anywhere anymore? No, that’s not it. Your car has just reached another level of carbon dioxide reduction. You got it? Right! No exhaust, no carbon dioxide. Your car has just started to take a step against global warming.

To sum it all up comes my advice of the day:

Be awesome, redefine and most of all preprove!

Be sure to check back soon for another episode of: McBamb’s Wisdom

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