McBamb’s Wisdom Philosophical

Veröffentlicht: April 12, 2012 von mcbamb in McB Philosophical

In my years as a human being here on earth, I more and more keep thinking bout the meaningfull things in life. U might call it my philosophical approach toward life… And this is just the way I would categorize it myself. What is it that keeps us going beside hard rocking and hard rocking to impress chicks and rocking hard in work to earn serious money (to impress chicks we usually can not impress with our not-so-impressive climbing activities) and not so serious money (the money that earns us a living a hard-rocker and chick-impresser)? In the last days I came up with a thought that summed it up somehow. Not really new but very up-summing:

It is all about being content!

After this thought was thought I started a new project. It’s sort of an extension to my allday project: Being awesome. My new project is called:

Be awesome and be content!

Now I’m off to my new mission. U yourself: Be awesome, be content and be sure to check out my blog for new Wisdom of McBamb


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