Bros about to rock

Veröffentlicht: April 11, 2012 von Andreas Malangre in Uncategorized
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Last week the Bros rocked as hard as they possibly could, which wasn´t hard at all,
cause Mallefitz didn´t rock anything, Lorenzo cried the whole time and Crazy-Matt tried really hard without success.
At least one or two pics were made that made us look hard-rocking!
The very next day, nearly every Bro could send a really hard pitch. All of us guess that this happened because Mallefitz
was not around this time 🙂

But, as u can see, once again, Mallefitz was the best-dressed Bro out there with an unbeatable combination of colors and brands!
Watch here! There are hard rocking men, Top Rope Tough guys, crazy Ms and many many more!

  1. mcbamb sagt:

    The toprope tough guy pic is one of the nicest pics I’ve seen in a while. Thanks 4 making my day!

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